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Moving Preparation: 
This type of work includes sorting of small items and their packaging into boxes, making some extra free space to disassemble the furniture.
Furniture dismantling and packaging 
We carefully handle the client’s  property t and we can guarantee that after us there will be no  single scratch left on dressers, curbstones or any other furniture! That’s why everything needs to be packed very carefully.
Important and extremely responsible stage for any moving  process. Everything should be properly fixed in a vehicle that during turns, road bumps or any other road or traffic condition couldn’t cause damages to Your belongings.
Cleaning and garbage removing
Any moving leaves a lot of garbage after itself. From our party it is a packaging material. After the moving completion we collect all remaining film and boxes and everything else that has left after moving .We don’t  just  promise, we do!Our clients recommend us to their friends and relatives.  See our benefits.Free consultations – we will help you to be prepared for moving, calculate approximate time and cost of relocation.
Financial responsibility  for lose or items damages – be sure, your property is under reliable protection!
More than 10 years of experience – we have a vast experience in Moving and easily can undertake any task.